Sunday, May 2, 2010

Suffering and the rain that follows.

There is suffering which one can blame others for. And then there is the waiting for rain. Every day I would travel to college in the abominable heat and look at the faces of the people around me. Everyone suffered, in frustration. No one could do anything about the elusive rain.
When we suffer, we find solace through blame. It is almost cathartic. One scapegoat and the crisis seems to be bearable.
Who do you blame for the lack of rain? God? The government? The UN? Mute suffering is hard to endure, in oneself or in others. Even children stopped crying in the hellish heat. Perhaps something in their gullible minds told them that this was one problem that neither Ma nor Baba could ever solve. Grim faces were struggling to cope with the crushing pressures of making ends meet. Faces lacked the freshness that one sees in the morning. There was no anticipation which comes with a new day, nor the hope. All I could see on the face of the man next to me, was a nameless dread.
Yet amidst all that suffering , a spark of hope still lurked. At the slightest breath of wind, faces turned to the sky. Every cloud brought a smile. For once, one longed for the cloud without the silver lining.
I remember the first rain of this season. The moment the first drops fell, I could hear a simultaneous cheer resonate across the streets. For once people were not as eager to seek the nearest shelter as they usually are.
And then, Nature graciously obliged.


commongreyumbrella said...

You have a penchant for imaging, through your's not technicolour...if it is, it's a very early version, grainy and jumping up and's not the hi-definition colours and CGI effects that are so common these days.



Rudrani said...

Thank you! :)

the Lonestar said...

Loved the post. Shotti ki relief! But the rain didn't bring along a nice surprise for me, like I told you. :P

Rudrani said...

Yes, it washed up some scum with it. :P

storyteller said...

:) I just came across your blog,blogrolled you are, and thank god for the rain :P

Rudrani said...

Thank ew! :D

The Spyked One!!! said...

Riviera Paradise.

You made my day.

Poet in flames said...

Lovely post!Glad that I found your blog.Also drop by my blog n c my poems.


atindriyo said...

I think you've won the first prize in all the essay writing competitions you've participated in.

And, with all its simplicity, this one is almost like the rain itself... Calm, soothing.

Magically Bored said...

Love the header. :)

Rudrani said...

Thanks! :)