Saturday, April 17, 2010

"I am better off writing to strangers on the Internet."

Am I really? This is bound to be a random blog post. We all have old friends. Sometimes, these people become old friends merely because we have known them for a really long time. At least that is what happens to me at times. These are the old friends we never like visiting, and neither do we like it when they come by.
My friend came visiting today. I shall name it (?, of indeterminate gender) Black Cloud. I hate those times when it comes to meet me. Every time Black Cloud leaves, I heave a sigh of relief and hope never to see it again. Today, it came again in the midst of a blazing summer afternoon. I was least expecting it. But that is how it is. I met it about two years back, on Red Road. And after that I had the worst time of my life. However, I cannot deny the unmistakeable feeling of familiarity that it evokes.
I meet it with a small smile, always.


blazethesinner said...

every cloud has a silver a lining, even the darkest ones =]

Anonymous said...

whats up?...btw..loved the last post on the idiosyncracies of the city...dint get a chance to comment....<3...but seriously...everything cool?..*huggie*

atindriyo said...

tired. you seem.

Rudrani said...

@Blaze:You are right, but sometimes, it gets difficult to see the silver. :)

@Ishi: *Hug back* What would I do without you?

@Atindriyo: Very, very. :)

little boxes said...

i know the feeling.but you see,mostly,you end up disliking people who you know for a long time.that way you become aware of all their negative aspects.strange antinomy in itself.i hope i make sense

Rudrani said...

True. While you do end up disliking them, you cannot shake off a certain feeling of familiarity which they bring along with them.

commongreyumbrella said...

the window
the door
the curtain
the linoleum

breeds comfort
preceding contempt

the house
unkempt is

Rudrani said...