Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trying to be a "rut buster"

I am stuck in such a rut that it's not even funny.Since the exams ended, I haven't been doing much work. Sleeping, eating and meeting friends is all that I have been up to. All the deadlines that are looming up are conveniently forgotten. Forcing myself to work is not helping. On the bright side, I have been watching a lot of films lately.That includes:

1.The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus-A surreal fantasy enhanced by three presences, namely Heath Ledger, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. Law is an utter disappointment. Farrell is great and I will reserve any comments on Ledger because it might turn into a hero worshiping rant on the man. But it is amazing to watch how friends have chipped in to complete what Ledger couldn't finish.

2.This Is It- I rarely cry at the movies, and I am not a Michael Jackson fan. This left me in tears. I like his music but am not crazy about it. This documentary left me in tears at the sheer untimely waste of talent. Possibly the world's greatest performer and entertainer, Jackson's moves in the film screamed anything but "50!". Yes, he was fifty and still executing those crazy dance movements under the blinding lights.

3.Up- Ah, what a cute piece of animation genius. An apt pick-me-up for a rut-buster.

4.A Bug's Life- I will think twice before I squish an ant again. Only Pixar could make a slimy bug look so adorable.
My blog title is a reference to a popular sitcom. Can you figure it out?


The Spyked One!!! said...

Yes, Rudagu.

I know what you mean!

Indranil said...

deadlines forgotten! :D yay!!! :D

Must. watch. this. is. it. You crier vamplet! :)

Rudrani said...

@Deeptarko: :-(

@Indranil: Shush! Or I reveal the embarrassing name, VM.

Indranil said...

you're so brave re!

Magically Bored said...

First of all, love the new blog look.
Also, Up is a delightfully lovely movie. :-)
Must watch Imaginarium though. Do you have it?
I also watch to watch the documentary on MJ. I was quite a big fan when I was young. :-P